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Highly Effective yet Affordable Marketing Tactics for Small Business – The Ram Duriseti List of Recommendations

Ram Duriseti there is no escaping the fact that even though marketing is essential for businesses. Regardless of their size, it is also true that it can be very expensive. This often means that small businesses with limited cash resources cannot afford it. To market their products and service in the same way as their larger competitors. Under these circumstances, small business owners have to be innovative and figure. Out ways of driving sales without spending much money. Some highly effective small business marketing tips that require very little investment:  

Use Business Cards to Open Doors

Even though it may sound simplistic, business cards represent a very useful and quick way of introducing yourself. And your business and exchanging contact information with a host of people. Including potential customers, suppliers, intermediaries of various hues, and even potential hires. Small business owners should make it a point to always have their business cards. Handy because being extremely inexpensive they can afford to give them away freely to almost everyone you meet. Ensure branding of the business card with your company logo and include your name, contacts including phone numbers, and email. The website address, and social media accounts.

Network with Vengeance, Recommends Ram Duriseti

The reason why networking is highly effective is that people tend. To trust those who they know or have interacted with than strangers. Regardless of the industry, you may be in; you can leverage the power of networking, both personally and online. Make it a point to identify people who are influential in your community. And strikes up business and social relationships with them. Similarly, you should have an account on LinkedIn, where you can network with people in your business or even outside. Try to post content in the form of articles and white papers that demonstrate. You’re expertise so that you achieve higher recall for recommendations. Regardless of whether you network personally or online. You need to impress others with your professionalism and domain expertise to be successful, observes Ram Duriseti.

Collaborate with Non-Competing Businesses 

There are plenty of small businesses that are not your competitors. They are trying to engage with the same target audience as you are. This presents a very good opportunity for establishing a marketing collaboration whereby you can share the costs of communication. You can also give away freebies, discount coupons. And product samples along with products from your collaborator and extend the same courtesy to them. There is no end to the kind of innovations you can create. As these collaborations can be quite flexible in their scope. If your businesses are complementary. You can think of structuring a package deal that benefits both of you as well as the customer.


Small business marketing on a shoestring budget can be challenging, to say the least; however, since your business must be sustainable, you need to master the different techniques. That will deliver results while not emptying your bank account. Small business owners who can think out of the box and respond to the customer. And market behavior with innovative tactics will ensure that they come out tops.

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