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Ram Duriseti Scholarship program is a pioneering idea of an accomplished doctor Ram Duriseti. He has profound knowledge and experience related to the medical field. He has this scholarship idea, which is an extremely noble cause to assist students in the US with financial constraints, particularly those not belonging to affluent families in the country.

Ram Duriseti

Ram Duriseti realizes that higher education college or for that matter university courses in the country is the key to the growth and development of a promising career in America in the future days.

About the author Ram Duriseti

Ram Duriseti is enormously aware that higher education in the US is incredibly expensive compared to other countries around the world. These fees are especially apparent in private institutions, and many students are severely limited in achieving their educational goals due to this.

Ram Duriseti
Ram Duriseti

With this in mind, Ram has founded the Ram Duriseti Scholarship program with the goal of assisting economically disadvantaged students in America so that they can pursue advanced degrees.

Ram Duriseti is a successful doctor who is excited to announce his annual $1,000 scholarship for college and university students who need additional financial aid to pay their tuition.

Ram Duriseti is aware that paying for school is the main reason that students are unable to start or complete advanced degrees without taking on significant loans. That is why the Ram Duriseti Scholarship was created, which is a merit-based award to students with recognized financial need.


Ram Duriseti founded this scholarship program because he understands that most students fall short of being able to pay for the costly post-secondary college tuition, and hopes to inspire more students to pursue their educational goals. The Ram Duriseti Scholarship initiative is eligible to those of recognized financial need who are specifically pursuing advanced degrees. Ram knows that the tuition fees at a private college in the US offering four-year advanced degree courses average $34,740, and that even state schools charge $9,970 for residents and upwards of $25,000 for non-residents. These costs are expected to increase annually by about 2.4 percent at private colleges and 3.2 percent public colleges in America.


Ram Duriseti Scholarship Eligibility Guidelines:

Before a candidate applies for the Ram Duriseti Scholarship, he or she needs to

be enrolled at a recognized US college or university. The Ram Durisetischolarship recipient may be a student of any class standing.

Application Instructions:


How to apply

The Ram Duriseti scholarship-based essay submissions need to be completed and sent via an email as an attached WORD file to info@ ramdurisetischolarship.com.

The following details must be sent:

Ram Duriseti Scholarship Essay(800 words max):

“Discuss some notable recent medical advancements that are helping medical professionals treat critical illnesses.”


  • Complete Name
  • Telephone or Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • High School Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • University or College at which you are currently enrolled or have applied at
  • GPA
  • Personal Bio (290 words max)



All applications must be received for  Ram Duriseti scholarship entry by May 1, 2021.


Winner selection 

The selected student will be notified by Ram on May 15, 2021, via an email. Their name will also be placed on this website ( www.ramdurisetischolarship.com). The Ram Duriseti aid is one-time award of $1,000 which will be distributed to the student following acceptance.

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